Join our CCSF Employees Only Telegram group

If you are not part of the “CCSF Employees Only” Telegram group, here are the steps to join:


If you are/were a San Francisco City government employee and you support medical choice, please join our group on Telegram

If you don’t have the Telegram app you can download it here:

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Once you have downloaded the Telegram app and created your account, you will have to click on this link to join the group:

Click here to join the CCSF Employees Telegram group

This group is only for San Francisco city government employees

Please share this page with other city employees who support medical choice

Thank you!


After you have joined the group, please read the Pinned Messages by clicking/tapping on the pinned messages banner at the top. Each time you click/tap on it, it will take you to the previous pinned message. These messages contain very important information.