United San Francisco Freedom Alliance

The City and County of San Francisco (“CCSF”) fired unvaccinated frontline heroes who selflessly served the public during the height of the pandemic

Thousands of vaccinated CCSF employees got sick with COVID after all unvaccinated employees were banned from all workplaces

Scientific Truth: COVID vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission

CCSF was dangerously understaffed and forcing vaccines on employees has worsened the problem leading to significant delays in emergency medical response, law enforcement response, and other essential public services

CCSF’s vaccine policy is unconstitutional

It is crucial that we win against CCSF and set a solid legal precedent to prevent all California cities and counties from implementing these unconstitutional and inhumane vaccine policies in the future

If we lose in San Francisco, these tyrannical vaccine policies can be implemented again in the Bay Area and beyond


A big win in San Francisco is what we need to prevent future medical tyranny in all of California

As San Francisco goes, so goes California. As California goes, so goes America. As America goes, so goes the world.

We have several lawsuits against CCSF

We need your financial support for our most important lawsuit

We need to raise at least another $100,000 for this key lawsuit which is going ahead of all other lawsuits

This is our most crucial lawsuit because:

1. It is an effort to create new case law for California

2. It is based on the Constitution—not on exemption requests

3. It covers all City and County of San Francisco public employees—even those that did not make religious or medical exemption requests

4. It argues that a city and county government does not have the right to take away our rights and freedoms even during an emergency

5. It seeks declaratory and injunctive relief—not damages

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USFA vs. CCSF - Third Amended Complaint

Our attorneys are the best. They are highly experienced and reputable. As but one example, they are the lead attorneys in two lawsuits filed by Robert F Kennedy Jr and Children’s Health Defense. 

We won against two demurrers filed by CCSF in 2022, which is spectacular!

The trial for this lawsuit was scheduled for Jan 2024, but CCSF obtained a stay order against all state cases until a resolution was reached in federal cases involving CCSF employees who were denied accommodations.

The fight continues, and we need to raise more funds urgently.

The frontline heroes of San Francisco served the public during the HEIGHT OF THE pandemic from FEB 2020 to OCT 2021. Let’s get them reinstated and create new case law FOR CALIFORNIA!

We appreciate your support from the bottom of our hearts

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